Attention Attention that the music is about to start

Attention Attention that the music is about to start

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We are going to propose a perfect plan to have a good time with your children. Turn on the computer, put your children in front of you and sit next to them because Attention attention... the music is going to start. This beautiful project especially dedicated to children and that has won great prizes such as five Emmy Award Suncoast Chapter,is recognized as one of the best children's programs.

Attention Attention guarantees entertainment, animation and good times for children. How? Very simple: they are animated children's songs with very funny dances and choreography.

Attention attention began its journey in 1999 when Victor and his mother Yvonne, decided to make an album called: 'Attention Attention ... This Game Is Going To Begin'. Its launch was supported with workshops on how to use music in class teaching values ​​to children. Little by little, his music began to be used by teachers from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as a tool and complement in classes.

Since then, a long time has passed, the group has been joined by more members, they have performed live shows, have a television program, have released more CD's and DVD's and as a great milestone, this project was selected and recognized by the UN as one of the peace-promoting programs.

In addition, they decided to create the Attention Attention Foundation, which seeks to provide training and tools to teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and other professionals who are dedicated to early childhood education, especially those who work with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

If you still do not know this group, we recommend that you watch with your children some of their songs on video: There was a toad, The five o'clock train, The lizard ... and see what reaction it produces in your children.


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