Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter C

Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter C

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Everything is preparations for the baby's arrival, but do you already know how you are going to choose the baby's name? And it is that some parents are clear, but others face a difficult decision, to follow the family tradition or put the name without any pressure.

To help in choosing your girl's name, we have arranged popular names according to the letter they begin with. In this list of 10 names for girls with the letter C surely you will find the best one for your daughter.

1. Carla. It is a name of Germanic origin with a meaning that speaks of strength and courage, so your girl will feel lucky. It is the feminine variant of Carlos, a very popular name that respects tradition while maintaining an original touch.

2. Claudia. The name is of Latin origin with a meaning that implies belonging to the historical and noble Claudia family. We are facing one of the most attractive names for girls that brings delicacy, elegance and sophistication.

3. Carmen. It is also a name of Latin origin that enjoys great popularity. Its meaning relative to the beauty of the song makes it ideal for your girl and, in addition, it is a traditional and familiar name that has not lost its freshness with use.

4. Carlota. This name is a variant of Carla and therefore has a Germanic origin. In this variant, the name gains in sophistication and originality, without being too novel or eccentric. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the favorite names for girls.

5. Candela. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning of light that illuminates. It is one of those names that tradition has not managed to wear down, but has reinvented itself to become a sophisticated name that gives off an unusual charisma.

6. Celia. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning related to heaven. Its simplicity is not an obstacle for it to be a name full of delicacy and attractiveness. Furthermore, tradition has only reinforced his strength and personality.

7. Clara. Following the same line of names of Latin origin with bright and luminous meanings is this simple but forceful name that oozes energy and well-being. It is a name that prints character and personality so it can be the ideal one for your girl.

8. Carolina. It is a name of Germanic origin, again another variant of Carla. On this occasion, Carolina brings a plus of musicality that sounds sweet and inspires affection and familiarity. A traditional name that has maintained its popularity to this day.

9. Cristina. The name is of Greek origin and has been passed down to us thanks to religious tradition. It has a special strength, like those names that keep their personality apart from the passage of time and fashions. Because Cristina is a name that is always current.

10. Coral. This name has a Latin origin and a very eloquent meaning full of beauty and seduction. Its popularity is due to the fact that use has not managed to wear down the shine and personality it exudes.

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