Cinco Marías. Traditional children's game

Cinco Marías. Traditional children's game

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In every corner of the world there are traditions that have not changed over the years. One of the most faithful is usually children's games, which, although they are less and less put into practice, given the incursion of video consoles, the essence of these hobbies remains the same.

In Guiainfantil we want our children to enjoy traditional games as we did when we were little. That is why we encourage you to teach them the game of 'Cinco Marías' a fun pastime of Brazilian origin. A variant of this game are known as tabas.

The 'Cinco Marías' is a very simple children's pastime to play. You just need five flat stones and the rules bear a great resemblance to the game of marbles. In the case of the tabas, the element is small ossicles, although over time they were replaced by similar but plastic elements.

One of the participants must place five stones in a small area drawn on the ground. The player picks up a stone and throws it up, with caution so as not to hurt anyone. Before the stone falls to the ground, the player must pick up one of the four remaining stones left on the ground.

In the next round, the player will have to collect two stones before the one thrown into the air touches the ground and so on until the player has to collect the four remaining stoness before the first one hits the ground.

The first player to successfully collect all four stones is the winner.

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