Baby headband, headband, or headband ideas

Baby headband, headband, or headband ideas

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How to make ribbons to complement the baby's looks


Baby's looks are usually comfortable and simple, but sometimes there are events in which we look for a more chic touch. We place a lace ribbon on a white bow, and to decorate some small pearls, it is ideal for a christening or wedding.

Elegance is sometimes the simplest, a good example is that of this headband. With a pink bow or elastic fabric, the headband is made, which is then adorned by tying a smaller ribbon in the form of a bow, make it in different colors!

This ribbon is a very simple ornament for the baby that we can make at any time. A strip of white lace is used, and a crochet bow as decoration. For a more original touch, you can tie the bow to the ribbon with a strip of dotted fabric.

An eye-catching headband made up of a crocheted ribbon, which is decorated with a large pink flower. We can use this ribbon to make a simple flower costume for the baby, putting green clothes on him and choosing the color that we like the most for the flower.

A very simple headband for the baby to learn to crochet. A simple crochet band in red, with a rose-shaped decoration formed by a concentric circular piece. You can also make the ribbon in green and the ornament in red, more similar to a flower.

With a very fine bow we make the ribbon, then several layers of fabric are cut into the shape of the flower and put one on top of the other, until we make three flowers. The center of the flower is decorated with sparkling beads.

A fun hippie style tape for the hot months. You take or braid a leather cord, to make the flowers you have to cut at least two layers of each flower in purple tulle. The center of the flower is made with colored beads.

An ideal ribbon for celebrations such as christening. It is very simple, with a lace ribbon and combined with a white tulle bow. To put the detail, you can make a small rose using a bow and put it on the ribbon.

To get started with crocheting, this headband is very simple and pretty. You have to make a braid first, then finished off with a flower also crocheted, to which we can add some detail, such as a pearl in the center.

A fun and original headband, ideal for a children's party. To a pink headband we will glue pieces of pink tulle of different shades, giving it the shape of a pompom. In the center we can put a tassel to finish off. Pair it with a ballerina tutu.

This hippie-style headband is made of an orange fabric string. For the ornament, the petals of the flower must be made with orange and white cloth, which are sewn together, putting a button or a little cloth in the shape of a circle in the middle.

Choose a pink bow, and a fabric in the same tone. Make circles of similar but not the same sizes, and group them together to form a flower, folding the edges a little. In the center you can put a small button or pearl to decorate.

Pink is usually the main color in girls' clothes, but we can also dress a girl in blue. This time with a beautiful white ribbon, edged with blue tulle, and a flower made of the same color.

A simple purple fabric braid wrapped around your baby's forehead, with a beautiful flower in matching shades to decorate. To give it a chic touch, with a pearl as decoration.

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