The Pilla pilla or Tula. Chase game for kids

The Pilla pilla or Tula. Chase game for kids

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Playing tag is one of the favorite recreational activities of children. It is a game that does not require a special technique or equipment. The pilla-pilla it is a simple game with very few rules. Therefore, it is an ideal game for family celebrations or among friends, at birthday parties, First Communion, especially if they are outdoors.

Children can start playing tag, from the moment they can move and run with more balance and safety. In addition, it is an ideal game for children to develop their skills and motor skills. Playing chase requires willpower and a lot of persistence, and is perfect for strengthening children's legs. Apart from that, it develops the cognitive of children, making them create strategies to escape or catch other children.

The game of tag-game has no player limits. Starting with a minimum of two children, you can play as many as you want. A child is "tied" and has to touch other children while they run. When he manages to touch another child, he will also pick up the other children. The game continues like this until there are no children left to catch. The winner is always the last.

Pilla-pilla is a universal game, that is, it has no languages ​​or borders. It is one of the first games children learn and its origin is undefined. What is known for sure is that it is a game that is transmitted from generation to generation.

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