Kitchen for children. Advice from Samantha Vallejo-Nájera

Kitchen for children. Advice from Samantha Vallejo-Nájera

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Samantha Vallejo-Nájera She belongs to a family of prestigious psychiatrists, but far from following in his footsteps, she decided to dedicate herself to the exciting world of cooking. After learning from the best chefs in the world, he set up Samantha de España Catering, a company based on traditional and international cuisine. She is one of the presenter of MasterChef, a Spanish chef contest.

In addition, she is the mother of 4 children so She has spoken with her to give us good cooking tips, ideas that we can easily apply to our children's meals.

- How can we introduce children to the kitchen? They have to see the parents do it, and they have to make it easy, beautiful, with colors and in the most didactic way possible. You have to start doing very simple things like skewers with different colored ingredients and so they get the pleasure of working with fruits and vegetables. And enjoy doing it with your parents. We can make cooking a game, and let them see that everything they are doing, then they will eat it.

- How can parents cook healthy and at the same time be appetizing for children? I always say that it is much easier to give a child a pizza than a vegetable cream, but what you have to do is get used to them from a very young age and assimilate that eating vegetables is very important. In my house, I don't tell them I'm not going to give them pastries, I directly give them fruit and they eat it because that's what they have always had. It is important that they are aware that they eat healthy at home.

- And when in a house there are children with different tastes and appetites? You always have to look for things that everyone likes, and well, if one day there is something that someone does not like, then nothing happens, we have all eaten things that we do not love. I have celiac disease at home, what I do is a meal for them and another for others.

- What whims can we give the children? My father always took me to a supermarket and told me to indulge myself, and I bought myself pickled anchovies, whims are not always associated with trinkets, the important thing is that children know what they like, that you always have it and give it to them as a reward, but it doesn't have to be unhealthy.

- Is cooking compatible when you are a working woman and a mother? It's quite complicated, I don't cook at home, I usually do it for hobbies on the weekends. But you don't have to get too complicated either, I prepare my dinner every day, my motto is to cook without complicating your life, things that are rich, healthy and simple.

- How can we find time to cook for our children when we hardly have any? The important thing is to do simple things, prepare the basic things on weekends, have a good pantry fund and go with all the dishes prepared for purchase, so that later you will not miss anything.

- What is essential when we cook for our children? Have a good bottom of the fridge and pantry so that nothing is lacking when cooking and having things prepared and frozen.

- What recipe cannot be missing in the houses where there are children? Macaroni with chorizo

- How do you combine work as a businesswoman and your role as a mother of 4 children? The truth is that I combine it very well, running all day, but I try to be with them every day in the morning and dedicate the afternoon to them as well as weekends, all my free time I dedicate to them.

- What advice would you give parents of celiac children?

- Buy gluten-free and have a good store at home, bread biscuits, to be able to give them the same as others and not feel bad.
- Work a lot with rice, which is great.
- Have frozen home pizza bases for a pinch.
- Bring a gluten-free cake and sandwich to birthdays so they can eat.
- Have gluten-free snacks and sweets for the day others eat them.

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