In which cases is an episiotomy performed

In which cases is an episiotomy performed

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Episiotomy It is the surgical intervention that is most performed in childbirth. It is a practice that has become widespread, when it should only be done on very specific occasions. An episiotomy is an incision made at the time of the second stage of labor in the perineum area to widen the vagina. The World Health Organization recommends that this practice be carried out only when necessary. But what cases are you referring to? The matron Rita Salvador, answer us.

The goal of episiotomy is facilitate the baby's passage through the vagina. But what exactly is an episiotomy? The matron Rita Salvador answer this question:

'An episiotomy is a surgical incision made in the perineum. The perineum area is the part that goes from the vagina to the anus. It is a part of the woman's body that is more or less about 4 or 5 centimeters long. An episiotomy is basically done to help the baby come out at the time of delivery. '

However, episiotomy should not always be performed. Above all, because it is a surgical intervention that will lead to problems for women.

So when should an episiotomy be done? The midwife Rita Salvador, recognizes that this type of intervention may be performed more times than it would be necessary. These are the assumptions in which an episiotomy would be indicated:

'This is highly variable. The trend and what the World Health Organization and many professionals recommend is that they should not be done routinely. Each woman is different, each delivery is different, and it will be necessary at very specific times. Usually it is in cases in which the person who is attending the birth, the midwife or the gynecologist, sees that the delivery of the baby will produce a much more damaging tear of what an episiotomy would be, or in case the baby gives us signs of fetal distress and let's see that we cannot give the perineum time to disengage and come out without the need for an episiotomy '

The episiotomy carries with it some stitches that the woman will have to take care of and clean on a daily basis. If not, it can lead to complications, such as infection of the points, increased pain in the perineum area, problems with the scar and subsequent pain during sexual intercourse.

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