Christmas postcard with bells. Felt crafts

Christmas postcard with bells. Felt crafts

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At Christmas the streets are filled with lights and joy, children enjoy their holidays decorating the house or preparing delicious cookies in the kitchen. There are many activities that we can organize so that our children can entertain themselves these days.

A good option is crafts, with some simple materials you can not only have a good afternoon, but also get some beautiful Christmas cards to distribute to the family, with this Christmas postcard with felt bells.

  • Yellow felt
  • Red felt
  • Brown or black felt
  • Green card
  • Black marker
  • Red tie
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1. To form the base of the card, cut out a 15 x 30 cm green card and fold it in half. So we will have a 15 x 15 cm postcard.

2. Print out the bell template (you can download it HERE) and cut out all the silhouettes.

3. Using a black marker, mark the silhouettes on the felt, then carefully cut them out.

4. Glue the bells to the cardboard. Start at the base of the bells, then the "hole" (put it a little below, so that when fitting the edge is better). Then the yellow circles and the red hood ornament.

5. Make a red bow to place between the bells and decorate the card. For a little glue between the two and place it, press a little so that it is well fixed.

6. Write your congratulatory message at the bottom and the card is ready!

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Here is the video to see the step by step of how it is done

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