The risks of always putting the baby on his tummy

The risks of always putting the baby on his tummy

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When we talk about whether babies should be on their tummy, the medical recommendation that they should not lie on their stomach while sleeping immediately comes to mind to prevent sudden death.

Thanks to this recommendation, the deaths of babies from this cause have been considerably reduced, but this advice should not be extended to periods in which the baby is awake.

A study published by the American Physical Therapy Association states that babies who lie on their back for too long have a higher risk of developing an alteration in the shape of the head: plagiocephaly, which when it occurs severely can cause some delay in development, poor psychomotor development, and even headaches or strabismus.

There are many babies who lie down or sit on their back for too long, without the possibility of developing their muscles and therefore, delaying their motor development.

To prevent these deformities of the skull, it is best to ensure that babies spend part of their waking or playing time on their stomachs since they are newborns. Babies need to exercise and tone the muscles of the neck and back and the most effective way is to position the baby so that he tries to lift his head, even if they may feel somewhat uncomfortable at first.

These exercises will make it easier for you in the future to begin to lie on your side, straight, roll over, sit, crawl, or stand up. In addition, this position will help them to develop a different way of attending to sensory or perception stimuli, to enhance their balance, and even to expel gasses.

In principle, we can put them in this position when we take them in our arms and leave them on a soft surface for a short time so that the baby does not get tired. Once he gets used to this new position, we can stimulate him through toys or play mats that attract his attention so that he remains comfortable and relaxed to practice his turns and other motor skills.

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