International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

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With ten guns per side, wind in the sails, at full sail ... Arrive, descend, land to port !! Arrrr ... Do not be distracted, my cabin boys, lest these ruffians of the corsairs approach.

Have you ever played pirates with your children? I do. With hook and patch included. No peg leg, yes. But scarf and parrot (plush) were not missing. The best, talk like them. Buccaneers, corsairs, fearsome pirates or a simple cabin boy. The case is to give free rein to the imagination and navigate. On boarding!

'Ah, from the friendly ship!' It turns out that the vocabulary of pirates has a special day for all of us to remember them. The day in question is September 19. What initially arose as a game between two American friends (John Baur and Marks Summers), quickly spread like wildfire to the point of becoming an international commemoration. But why are pirates so popular with children?

Pirates are sometimes a bit ruffians, liars and very rogue. For some, also thieves, yes. But in the world of children all their defects disappear. And its virtues are extolled. Pirates lose their malice.

Pirates are also dreamy, persevering, brave and courageous characters for children. They are heroes and heroines. They tirelessly seek to conquer their dreams, and incidentally, of course, take home a loot.

Pirates challenge anyone who dares to put obstacles in their way, overcome challenges, and search, search and search, compass in hand. They explore beyond the seas. They draw routes, maps, destinations. And they hide their precious treasures in secret places.

Pirates transmit a halo of magic, of adventure. Of conquest.

They sail in brigs, with the black flag of the white skull as their standard. They dream of mermaids and keep their stories in log books. They hoard booties and often bear scars reminiscent of their adventures.

If even SpongeBob has a pirate who tells his stories to the old sea wolf, it is because they are characters closely linked to the world of children. From the crazy adventures of Jack Sparrow to the incredible stories of the island of Jake and the pirates, passing through Long John Silver of Treasure Island. But the most famous pirate is, perhaps, Captain Hook. Neither the pirate Tick, sailing to windward, nor Blackbeard himself can overshadow him. A greedy pirate in this case who from time to time also transmits some cuteness. Because they bad, no matter how bad they seem, in the end they are not so bad. At least in the world of children.

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