How to create homemade musical instruments with children

How to create homemade musical instruments with children

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Music should serve as a tool to create, experiment and share with others. What better way to do it than in a creative and accessible way to all budgets? A great option is to build our own musical instruments as a family.

Are you bored at home with your family and you don't know what to do? Do you like Music and don't have the budget to buy a musical instrument? You have an open world of possibilities to develop your imagination and that of your children through Music. Do this by creating homemade musical instruments from recycled materials. You can all have a similar item on hand in your home.

- Piano with glass yogurt containers: Place a sturdy box as a base, either made of wood or hard cardboard or shoebox. Line up the glass yogurt containers so that each one makes a sound. They can be of different sizes so that they sound in tune to different pitches or fill them at different water levels. You already have a very original piano. Hit them with a spoon to swap different sounds and rhythms.

- Homemade maracasFind an empty plastic bottle or aluminum can. Fill it with a legume such as lentils or chickpeas and shake it vigorously like a professional maraca.

- Homemade rattle: Take a sock and fill it with metal plates or coins, put a rubber band to close the sock. It only remains to move to the rhythm of the music.

- Home battery: Gather all the basins you find at home and distribute them as follows: Big bowl in the center and two smaller sides. Use spoons, slotted scoops, or just two sticks to make drumsticks.

After having spent a while entertaining creating your own musical instruments, you can end the day by offering a 'MUSICAL CONCERT', with the instruments that you have made and give a tremendous ending.

Invite your friends and family, and position each one of them forming a 'Family Orchestra'. Each one will have a different role in the orchestra. One of you will be the conductor, pick up a baton (it may even be a pencil), and lead your great orchestra.

Practice first alone, without musical accompaniment, play with the movements of the arms and intensities. Experiment with the different sounds.

Afterwards, you can put on any piece of music and play to its rhythm. Use the great classics or different musical styles.

Let yourself be carried away by imagination and become a professional musician, in an original, fun and above all familiar way.


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