Names for boys and girls from fantastic stories

Names for boys and girls from fantastic stories

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Literature is always a good source of inspiration for choosing a baby's name. Apart from the classics, in the Fantastic literature we can find original and beautiful names for boys and girls, names with personality and that are also in fashion.

Baby names inspired by fantasy literature have some peculiarities compared to traditional names. Some of them are invented names by the authors of the fantastic stories, so we cannot trace their origin or meaning.

1. Alice. The name is of Greek origin and means 'truth'. It is the name of the girl protagonist of 'Alice in Wonderland', a fantastic story that has accompanied generations of children.

2. Bastián. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'revered'. He appears as the protagonist of 'The endless story' and surely it is a variant of the traditional name Sebastián.

3. Aravis. It is a name for a girl invented for one of the characters in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. We like it because it sounds original and perfectly combines delicacy and personality.

4. Caspian. This name is of unknown origin and meaning, which is not strange in the case of a name for a boy found in fantasy literature. He is one of the characters in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and he is also a prince.

5. Hermíone. It is a name of Greek origin for a girl and belongs to Greek mythology. Today we know him thanks to the companion of 'Harry Potter' and the truth is that it is a name that has not lost its charm or its magnetism.

6. Harry. The name is of Germanic origin and means 'the lord of the house'. It is a variant of Henry or our most familiar Enrique and belongs to the most famous magician of all time that we find in the literary saga 'Harry Potter'.

7. Galadriel. It is a very attractive girl's name but to which we cannot find an origin or a meaning, since it is a totally invented name. Appears as one of the protagonists of 'The Lord of the rings'.

8. Tyrion. This name of which we cannot find neither origin nor meaning belongs to one of the protagonists of 'Song of ice and fire', although perhaps he is best known for his television version 'Game of Thrones'.

9. Éowin. Again an invented name for a girl that appears in a character from 'The Lord of the rings'. We like it because it sounds like those names of Scandinavian origin and reminds us of princess names.

10. Frodo. The name is as fantastic as the protagonist of 'The Lord of the rings', but today many parents choose it for their child. We like it because it is simple and not fancy.

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