I have a baby with cerebral palsy. What I do?

I have a baby with cerebral palsy. What I do?

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Parents of newborns with cerebral palsy can consult a manual that will help them deal with this situation with the experience of professionals and all those parents who have already experienced it.

Infant cerebral palsy (ICP) is usually diagnosed when the baby is very young. As much as doctors try to explain the disease to parents, it is always difficult for the family involved to really understand and accept what is happening.

Waiting for a child always fills parents with hope and expectations, which tend to be parked when a problem arises. This is the case with parents of a baby with CP. Each year, approximately 1,500 babies are born with CP. It occurs in almost 3 people for every thousand born. And there are already 120 thousand people with infantile paralysis in Spain. Despite advances in prevention, cases continue to increase, in part, according to specialists, due to the birth of premature children, a risk factor for this disability.

Using simple and positive language, the guide for new parents offers information from the baby's first days, the moment of the news, until the child's schooling. In it, parents will find answers to their innumerable doubts about how they should stimulate their baby, which specialists they should go to, what the treatment is like, what type of paralysis their child has, in addition to things as simple as knowing how to communicate or play with it, feed it and dress it.

The guide has been prepared by the ASACE Confederation and presented by the ONCE Foundation of Madrid. Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of disability that occurs in childhood and extends into adulthood. It occurs from a brain injury during pregnancy, childbirth, or in the first years of the baby's life. CP affects baby's movements, muscle strength, coordination, and balance. In addition, the baby often has associated problems such as cognitive, sensory and language disorders.

The purpose of the manual is to guide parents so that they decide what is best for them, without forgetting that they are not the only ones with a child with cerebral palsy. My baby has brain paralysis. What to do? it is available here in .pdf.

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