Summer menu for children with lactose intolerance

Summer menu for children with lactose intolerance

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The heat and the sun are the main protagonists of the summer days. At this time of year we want more a healthy and easy kitchen that allows us to enjoy rich dishes with light digestions, so they are ideal for the whole family.

We will introduce in the menu more varied salads, typical summer fruits and vegetables, gazpacho, salmorejo, skewers, or ice cream Without lactose, which are simple and appetizing dishes that help us to facilitate digestion and are perfect for lactose intolerant children and for the whole family.

When faced with a case of a child with lactose intolerance, it is very important that both the parents and the child know which foods contain lactose (milk, sausages, patés, margarines, ice creams, sauces, some cold cuts, enriched cereals, instant soups and prepared meals ).

1. Learn to read food labels packaged to check whether or not a food contains lactose, and warnings such as that stating that it "may contain traces of milk."

2. Get to know lactose-free dairy products, as there are milk brands that they sell lactose-free product ranges, which can make the need to partially or completely exclude dairy from a diet more bearable.

3. Experiment in the kitchen and find lactose-free recipes that you can make at home.

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