How is a natural birth in the hospital

How is a natural birth in the hospital

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Pregnant moms tend to worry about many things throughout their gestation: if their baby will be fine, if the diet they are eating is balanced, if they can do this or another sport ... The questions throughout pregnancy are multiple, But above all of them, there is one that is very distressing, especially as the ninth month of pregnancy approaches: What will my delivery be like?

Giving birth is a unique and unforgettable experience. I remember each of mine perfectly as if they happened yesterday. Mothers love to relate those moments that we live, we have lots of anecdotes and experiences to share, because nobody like us has lived the moment in which our baby is born.

Despite the fact that a lot of circumstances can occur that make each birth unique, natural deliveries in hospitals have a protocol that is usually the same for all women in labor. You may wonder if you are pregnant what will happen when you arrive at the hospital with contractionsWell, broadly speaking and taking into account that each hospital has a different management, this is what happens:

- The pregnant woman arrives at her maternity emergency room with frequent and, in many cases, painful contractions. There you will be assessed by a nurse or midwife. They will take into account the degree of dilation and the baby's condition. In case it is not yet the time, they will send her home, but if there is fetal distress or the dilation has begun and is going fast, will be entered.

- The nurses will give the pregnant woman a line to be able to give her any medicine she may need. They will also undergo fetal monitoring, placing the electrodes on the mother's belly and sometimes one more on the baby through the vagina.

- If the mother wishes, the hospital provides it and it is feasible to administer it because the dilation is due, they will provide her with epidural anesthesia. They usually put her with the mother in a sitting position, she has to remain very still, even if she suffers contractions at that time. However, soon after the pain will have practically disappeared.

- If the father wants and allows himself in the hospital, he can accompany the mother to give you encouragement and strength.

- Staff will go controlling dilation and when it has reached 10 centimeters it will be time to start pushing. In the delivery room it will be the midwife or gynecologist, depending on the maternity wards, who will instruct the mother to push hard.

- After the baby is delivered, the mother will push again to expel the placenta. If you have undergone an episiotomy or have suffered a tear, it will be sewn in the same delivery room.

In many maternity wards, the baby is placed next to the mother after performing the Apgar test and swaddled so that it does not lose heat and thus can be placed on the breast and start breastfeeding from the first minutes of life. The mother will remain in the delivery room for a time while she recovers, until it is considered that it is already viable to put her in the plant with her baby.

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