New and overprotective mothers and fathers with their babies

New and overprotective mothers and fathers with their babies

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Did you wash the baby's clothes up to two and three times before putting them on for the first time? Do you sterilize anything that is in contact with your son or daughter? Do you peek into the crib every two to three to make sure the baby is still breathing?

You do not have any disease ... you are just a new parent with great fear that something could happen to the baby. You are not alone, thousands of parents live this experience although, in general, time relaxes the most extreme customs.

It is normal to wash the baby's clothes before putting them on for the first time, the delicate skin of the baby requires it, it is also normal to sterilize bottles or pacifiers with each feeding during the first weeks. However, there are fathers and mothers who, in their desire to protect the baby, take precautions to exaggerated limits and continue with these customs when the baby is older.

The baby from four or five months puts everything in his mouth in his mouth, it is his way of discovering the world. It is true that you have to take care not to take dangerous or dirty objects, but it is not necessary to sterilize every two by three everything that is within your reach. Cleanliness is important, but being in the world also means being in contact with germs and bacteria.

The baby's immune system has to be ready to act and being in contact with germs helps it train. It is important to know that if we constantly use cleaners or sterilizers that do the job that our immune system should do, it relaxes and does not do its job as it should.

The same thing happens when the baby begins to crawl, fear prevents many parents from enjoying the baby's first steps. Taking care that the home is safe with the baby is important, if we have already covered the corners of the furniture and eliminated from our space the most dangerous for the baby, we must understand that he will fall and cry, that is when we must be there to reassure him and support you.

In short: take care and protect the baby yes, overprotect no.

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