Children do not understand enemies. The gesture of Ronaldo's son towards Messi

Children do not understand enemies. The gesture of Ronaldo's son towards Messi

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For a 4-and-a-half-year-old boy, admiration does not understand colors, prejudices or any rivalry. For a four and a half year old, there are no bad guys or good guys. There are no friends or enemies. There are only people.

Christian Jr, the son of the Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has shown us that friendship and admiration do not have to have limitations, borders or obstacles of any kind. For this reason, the child, when he sees one of the footballers he admires (Leo Messi), did not hesitate to approach him excitedly and greet him, before the astonished gaze of all.

Spontaneity, innocence, that spark that we lose over the years, made Christian Jr I had no doubts. For him, and despite his barely four years of life, the value of the person is above his colors, his ideology, his clothing, his way of thinking. Children are capable of seeing beyond, of crossing those invisible walls that we adults strive to build. Perhaps because they still move by instinct and are carried away by the heart rather than the head.

Christian Jr greeted the footballer Leo Messi, rival in the soccer field of his father. She approached him and was speechless. Cristiano Ronaldo He explained to the Argentine footballer that his son had seen videos of the Ballon d'Or candidates online and that he kept talking about him. The little boy only managed to shake his hand, overwhelmed by that moment, just before his father was awarded the award for best player of the year.

And a fantastic gesture from the father too, who, far from being upset, took advantage of that moment to demonstrate and explain to his son the importance of the value of humility.

Who does not remember admiring someone as a child? Who does not remember that feeling? Decorate the folder with photos of a singer or an actor, find a way to get closer to your idol ... But few will remember the feeling of admiration before that moment, before losing that innocence that makes you see the world and life with others eyes.

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