Signs that our child is maturing

Signs that our child is maturing

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When children are born they look very small and fragile but they really grow faster than parents would like. Weeks and years go by almost without us noticing and the baby we were holding in our arms suddenly runs, and then talks, and later on wants to go to school alone ... and suddenly begins to mature.

There is no one maturation pattern for all boys and girls equally, since the ages will depend on the society, the experiences lived and the education received. Although it is true that there are some signs or signs that will help you discover if your child is already maturing.

When boys and girls reach pre-adolescence, there are physical signs that begin to warn that they are maturing and that they are entering adolescence. For example:

- Children: the physical constitution begins to change by changing the body to a more robust body, body odor changes, pimples may appear, the voice begins to change, hair begins to grow on the face and in other areas of the body, etc.

- Girls: their hips begin to widen, their breasts begin to change in size, their voice and body odor begin to change, they begin to create hair on the pubis and armpits, acne may appear, menstruation decreases, etc.

But not everything is the physical changes to know if our child is maturing, because although it is true that it is an unequivocal sign that he is no longer a child, it is also true that the emotional and mental changes that boys and girls present along with physical changes are just as important to know if our little one is starting to not be so much anymore.

1. They behave in a more rebellious way because they are beginning to have their own identity and opinion of things.

2. The hormonal changes they experience as they mature will make them more nervous and with mood swings.

3. You change your image of yourself and your personality begins to define itself.

4. There is greater intellectual and social skills development.

5. They begin to have much clearer goals and ambitions for the future.

These are some signs of that your son is not so small anymore and that little by little it grows and becomes an adult. But remember that there is no specific age, some children can begin to mature at 8-10, others at 10-12 ... but there is no exact age, if the signs appear you will notice.

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