Types of soups and creams for children

Types of soups and creams for children

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If there is one food that the whole family enjoys equally, it is soups. Soups and creams they are easy to eat, suitable for any age and are also very nutritious. That is why it is convenient to save a few recipes for soups and varied creams, because they can be prepared with almost any ingredient.

The world of soups and creams offers so many possibilities that it is impossible not to fall into temptation to prepare them both in winter and summer, with meat, vegetables, fish, pasta, rice ... with everything you can think of, the soups are delicious and children love them. So we are before the star plate of healthy infant nutrition.

Soups and creams can be very varied. Any type of soup contains a large amount of water, so it is an ideal food to maintain the hydration of the body. For their part, the creams are thicker and use vegetables as the star ingredient, which is how we get children to eat vegetables.

- Meat soup. The classic soup is made with chicken broth to which some vegetables are added and consistency is given with pasta, which can be in the form of noodles, stars, letters, etc. to make them more fun for children.

- Fish soup. Because fish is one of the staple foods From a healthy and balanced diet, fish soup is ideal because it is a good way to include fish without danger of bones for the little ones.

- Vegetable soup. Although vegetables usually accompany all kinds of soups, there are soups that are made mainly with vegetables, without any meat or fish. If you also add rice instead of pasta, the vegetable soup will be the most nutritious and delicious.

- Creams with milk. Most creams obtain their highest consistency thanks to milk or cheese. It starts from the same base as in the vegetable soup but giving a special role to a certain vegetable, which can be broccoli, leek or whatever you have on hand in the refrigerator.

- Creams without milk. For children with lactose intolerance or if you want the cream to be lighter, it can also be made without milk. Adding a little potato To the star ingredient of the cream, you will be able to give it the thickness it needs.

- Cold creams. Soups and creams are also for the summer. You can make delicious and refreshing creams with fruits such as melon or orange, but also with vegetables. Although the cold cream par excellence is gazpachoLet your imagination fly and use any type of vegetable you have at home.

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