When the child has learning problems at school

When the child has learning problems at school

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Learning Disorders (LD) are a group of disorders that cause difficulties in developing basic knowledge in skills such as reading, writing or calculating. Only in Spain, about 385,000 primary school students suffer from some kind of disorder.

It must be made very clear that to have an AT has nothing to do with the child's intelligence, rather, the origin of these difficulties is due to neuronal alterations in specific areas of the brain. Therefore, both parents and teachers need to be aware that there are children who deliberately do not get bad grades or have a bad attitude in class.

In many cases, although these disorders are directly related to the school environment, most of the time they go further, since doing poorly at school ends up having an impact on their day to day and that of their families: conflicts at home tend to escalate due to constant poor grades. The self-esteem of these children is affected because they do not know how to combat their difficulties and it also increases parents' concern for the future of their children. These are the main learning disorders in children:

-Dyslexia: It affects reading ability, as these children have difficulty distinguishing and memorizing letters and structuring sentences properly. In order to determine this disorder, the symptoms have to remain for at least 2 school courses.

-Dysgraphia: this disorder involves complications to develop writing correctly, as it affects psychomotor ability and coordination of movements.

-Dysorthography: is also related to writing but focuses on Difficulty structuring language grammatically. That is, the child cannot follow the grammar rules despite having previously learned them.

-Discalcúlia: It is the difficulty to learn basic numerical concepts and perform calculation exercises.

It is important to note that most of these disorders can coexist with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), that affects 2 children per classroom. This has a great controversy because its main symptoms, inattention and hyperactivity, can easily be confused with other disorders. To clear up any doubts, there are already diagnoses based on brain mapping on the market that accurately identify whether the child has ADHD or not.

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