Felt fish. Crafts for kids

Felt fish. Crafts for kids

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Fun craft for children about goldfish to give to mom or dad. These little colored fish can be made with recycled material such as old fabrics or felt and then used as a gift or to decorate your children's room in an original way.

In addition, this craft for children will help them Develop creativity and imagination as they learn to value the importance of recycling and caring for the environment.

  • Printed cotton fabric
  • Green, white, red and black felts
  • Some cotton
  • A black marker
  • White glue
  • Scissors

1. On green felt, draw two identical fish silhouettes. Cut them out.

2. Cut out two pieces of patterned cotton fabric and line half of each silhouette.

3. Glue the two silhouettes along their outline and leave the tail part open to insert the cotton. When the fish is full, glue the tail.

4. With black and white felt, prepare the two eyes of the little fish and glue one on each side.

5. For the fin, cut out two equal shapes from red felt and also glue one on each side of the fish.

Realization:Anna Llimós Parramón Ediciones, S.A.

Video: Easy Felt Fish: Art with Ms. Kate and Ms. Hazel (July 2022).


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