Why Some Babies Are Born With Teeth

Why Some Babies Are Born With Teeth

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It does not happen frequently but there are cases of babies who are born with one or even two teeth or have a tooth come out during their first weeks of life. I remember the last news I heard about that was from a baby in the UK. Two weeks after her birth, she developed two molars that, according to the mother, cause her pain every time she breastfeeds her baby.

It is not the first time that a baby has born a tooth after it is born, but the truth is that this case surprised English doctors, considering that the baby with the two molars was born before time, 3 weeks in advance, it that if she had been born on time, it was assumed that her mouth would be full of teeth.

Doctors explain that baby teeth begin to form in the third week of intrauterine life, so that when the child is born, has within its jawbones the buds of the 20 teeth that make up its 'milk' dental structure, in addition to the differentiated cells that will give rise to the 32 permanent teeth.

It is normal for a baby to be born with one or two teeth, which are usually called natal teeth. There are no definite causes, but doctors say that it may be justified by hereditary inheritance, hypovitaminosis or syndromes, and that the only drawback is that these teeth interfere with the baby's feeding or that they are loose enough for the baby can swallow them. Also, when your baby begins to erupt, he or she may start to drool more easily and start biting.

While for some babies the emergence of the first teeth does not alter them, for others it causes a lot of irritability, crying, difficulty falling asleep and lack of appetite to feed. There are babies whose gums can swell and that cause fever or a small increase in body temperature. In this case you have to take it to the pediatrician.

The dentition it can be uncomfortable even for the mother. If the baby starts to bite, it can cause a lot of discomfort to the mother's breast when breastfeeding her baby.

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