Saint Basil's Day, January 2. Names for boys

Saint Basil's Day, January 2. Names for boys

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Basilio is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'king' and although it is not a widely used name in our country, it is one of the frequent names in the countries of Eastern Europe and in Greece.

The greatness of its meaning makes any child bear his name Basilio proud, since we are talking about children with great leadership skills. He celebrates his name day on January 2, which is Saint Basil's day.

The name Basilio implies a reserved and reflective character, although it does not prevent him from being sociable, since given the strength of his personality people follow him confidently as a leader. Indeed, Basilio is trustworthy and loyal and is often very supportive of those around him. He also has a protective character and has the need to provide his family with all possible well-being.

The meaning of Basilio goes back to the early days of ancient Greece where that name was used to designate the most outstanding and greatest people, who ended up taking over the direction of cities and, therefore, becoming kings or sovereigns. It was later when it came to be used as a proper name and the basilica also derives from it, now a religious building, but previously a public place where they met to discuss the problems of the city.

The name of your child can be found in almost all languages ​​in a similar way. Basilius, Basili, Basile or Basil. However, it is his Russian variant that we know best, Vasili. A name that has been borne by bishops, princes and emperors, but also by historians, writers, painters and filmmakers such as the Spanish Basilio Martín Patino, director of Nine Letters to Berta.

But if there is a man who carried the name Basilio all over the world, causing the admiration of the entire art world, it was the Russian painter Vasili Kandinsky, whose abstract paintings were an artistic revolution. The name of your son is better known to us as a surname as in the case of the television entrepreneur Paolo Vasile or the much loved singer Paloma San Basilio.

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