Parents jealous of their children

Parents jealous of their children

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That there are parents jealous of their children usually happens a lot but little is said about it. The most common is that there are parents who are jealous of their newborn children, although there is also the case of parents who are jealous of their older children because they achieve success in life and envy makes them feel bad.

We give you some tips so that you learn to manage those feelings and you can transform them into more positive ones.

When a father is jealous of his newborn child, he will be showing an insecure personality, dependent on the couple's relationship or even that he may have had a painful or traumatic childhood experience.

It is also true that a father can feel jealous of his children by the way the mother behaves towards the common child. For example, if the mother becomes possessive of the baby and overly protective, she may inadvertently exclude the father from the care of the child, something that can cause serious marital and safety problems for the man.

Another reason that can cause jealousy in parents towards their newborn children can be that parenthood was not planned and feel bad because sex, leisure and self-planning are suddenly over. A selfish person may not accept this easily.

In these cases, it can be said that the first weeks are adaptive for all members of the family, and during this time it is normal for the father (and even the mother) to feel disoriented. But if these negative feelings are maintained over time, they can be follow the following tips:

- Maintain assertive and confident communication with the couple and be both equally involved in caring for the baby.

- Find time to do things as a couple, no matter how little.

- Talk with other couples with children to share parenting experiences.

-Search for information on paternity to feel more secure in parenting.

-Seeking help from a professional whenever necessary.

A father who is jealous of the successes of his children will unconsciously make sure that his son does not reach the goals so as not to feel under him.

This type of parents with such sick jealousy will try from when their children are small downplay their achievements, it will try to be above and not motivate them to improve and develop successfully.

This is a serious problem for children since they need the unconditional support of both their mother and father all the time to be able to achieve their goals.

Without a doubt, if a father (or mother) feels jealous of this type of his children, he should without a doubt ask for help from a professional to be able to overcome it and have a healthy and non-toxic relationship with his children.

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