Perfect parent. Children's poetry for parents

Perfect parent. Children's poetry for parents

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Children's poems can be a good way to promote poetry among children, since their reading and understanding are more enjoyable and fun for them.

Therefore, from Guiainfantil we propose this poetry for Father's Day. Because the best gift a son can give his father is to recite a poem as a tribute.

Hi dad i am here

waiting for these hours to pass,

while you debate your existence,

in this land of men.

I hope to see you well ... I miss you

hug you while I dare,

know to warn you at a new time

and tell you a big ... 'I love you'.

We will talk about things tomorrow

also remembering past times,

the days when you have given me your help,

for nothing, wise father.

Independent and defenders,

in your love, a great color.

You lived for work

and above all tell you how you are,

man of life,

that you always gave me love.

Author: Gustavo Darío Pérez.

Remember dad. Remember Dad is a nice poem to brighten Father's day. A nursery poem full of love and affection for children to recite to their parents or write on a gift card. Through poetry, children can learn to express their feelings and emotions to the people they love, such as their parents.

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