What is the Haller venous network for in pregnant women?

What is the Haller venous network for in pregnant women?

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One of the areas where changes occur earlier in pregnancy is in the breasts. In fact, many women, especially those who have already had other babies, suspect that they are pregnant as a result of these changes.

But what changes take place? Is it true that it increases breast volume in pregnant women? Does it have something to do with Haller venous network?

Pregnancy hormones play a very important role in these variations: estrogens, progesterone and prolactin will be responsible for the increased sensitivity of the breast skin, the sensation of 'tingling' or the increase in tension on the skin. Here are some of the changes you will notice in your chest if you are pregnant:

- The nipple and areola they darken as will other areas of the woman's body, such as the linea alba (the middle line that runs through the woman's abdomen) or sometimes the face. Later, the areolas will increase in size, and the size and quantity of the sebaceous glands that are in charge of keeping your skin hydrated will increase. Montgomery glands

- There are also an increase in size, variable in each woman and the texture of the breast changes. Sometimes the increase in size is so high that it produces stretch marks on the skin of the chest. As these changes occur, the veins of the chest can be observed through the skin, more markedly, it is the so-called Haller venous network

Many pregnant women are able to see it with the naked eye: Haller's venous network is made up of those small blood vessels that run through the breast and end in the nipple. During pregnancy it increases its thickness. That is why they are seen as much wider greenish or bluish veins, especially after 7 months of gestation. It has no greater use than ensuring proper blood circulation.

It is advisable for the woman to wear a suitable bra for the change in size that occurs during pregnancy, so that the breasts do not sag excessively, as well as keeping the skin properly hydrated, in order to prevent as much as possible , stretch marks.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the woman's breasts can begin to secrete colostrum, essential for feeding her baby.

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