Childish story. Peter and the wolf

Childish story. Peter and the wolf

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Once upon a time there was a little shepherd who spent most of his time walking and taking care of his sheep in the field of a small town. Every morning, very early, he always did the same thing. He went out to the meadow with his flock, and so he spent his time.

Many times, as he watched his sheep graze, he would think of things he could do for fun. As he was often bored, one day, while resting under a tree, he had an idea. He decided that he would have a good time having fun at the expense of the townspeople who lived nearby. He came closer and started shouting:

- Help, the wolf! The wolf is coming!

The people of the town took what they had at hand, and went to help the poor little shepherd who asked for help, but when they got there, they discovered that it had all been a practical joke of the shepherd, who broke into laughter on the ground. The villagers became angry and decided to return to their homes. When they were gone, the pastor was so amused by the joke that he began to repeat it. And when he saw the people far enough away, he shouted again:

- Help, the wolf! The wolf is coming!

The people, hearing again, began to run in a hurry, thinking that this time the big bad wolf had shown up, and that the shepherd really needed their help. But when they got to where the shepherd was, they found him on the ground, laughing at how the villagers had come back to help him. This time the villagers got even more angry, and they left terribly angry with the bad attitude of the shepherd, and they left angry with that situation.

The next morning, as the shepherd grazed with his sheep in the same place, he was still laughing when he remembered what had happened the day before, and he did not feel sorry in any way. But he did not realize that a wolf was approaching him that morning. When she turned and saw him, fear washed over her body. As the animal got closer and closer to him, he began to cry out desperately:

- Help, the wolf! The wolf is coming! What is going to devour all my sheep! Help!

But their screams have been in vain. It was late enough to convince the villagers that what he was saying was true. The villagers, having learned from the shepherd's lies, this time turned a deaf ear. And what happened? Well, the shepherd saw how the wolf pounced on his sheep, while he tried to ask for help, again and again:

- Help, the wolf! The wolf!

But the villagers continued to ignore him, while the shepherd saw how the wolf ate a few sheep and took as many for dinner, without being able to do anything, absolutely. And so it was that the pastor recognized that he had been very unfair to the townspeople, and although it was late, he deeply repented, and never again made fun of or lie to the people.


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