Athena and the spider web. Short stories for kids

Athena and the spider web. Short stories for kids

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Greek mythology has some very interesting stories that can be adapted in the form of short stories for children. In this way, children learn history in a fun way and developing their imagination and creativity.

Athena She is known to be the Greek goddess of wisdom, but she had many other functions as a goddess. Among them were handicrafts and weaving with looms, embroidery or sewing. She is also the one who created the first spider web and in this legend they explain how and why.

Arachne She was the daughter of a dyer from the Lydian region. Besides being a very skilled girl with the loom, she was also a bit vain and spent her days showing off how well she could weave. It was true that he wove well; He did it so well that merchants from all over the world came to his house to buy his creations on the loom and his fabrics. But she was not as good as she thought.

One of those days that Arachne she thought she was the best in the world with the loom, it occurred to her to say that she was even more skilled than the goddess herself Athena. And of course, the goddess was enraged because nobody, but nobody, is capable of being better than Athena in a matter of crafts, that for something is a goddess. So Athena came down from Olympus and faced Arachne.

- How dare you say that you are a better weaver than me! - said the goddess Athena to Arachne.

- Because I'm better than you and when you want I show it to you! - he replied Arachne.

So they decided to settle the discussion with a loom competition to see who of the two made the most beautiful creation on the loom. They spent several days weaving, they did not eat, they did not go to sleep, they did not rest. And each one at her loom struggled to weave the prettiest drawing. They finally finished it and the truth is that the goddess Athena was surprised.

Arachne she had woven a beautiful drawing that represented all the Olympian gods very realistically, so the goddess Athena He got angry and didn't want to twist his arm.

- Mine is more beautiful- he said Athena. And since she was a goddess no one dared to contradict her.

But everyone knew that the drawing of Arachne it was prettier. I also knew Athena, who took it so badly that he turned Arachne in a ghastly hairy spider. Until then there had never been a spider in the world before, but everyone was very scared when they saw the girl turned into a spider. When people saw what had happened, they asked Athena to soften the punishment a bit and in the end the goddess felt a little sorry and her heart softened.

So he decided to reward the young woman Arachne, who was now a hairy spider, letting him spend the rest of his life doing what he liked to do the most, which was knitting. And that's how the spiders began to weave their spider web and they never, never stop weaving it.

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