Postpartum feeding

Postpartum feeding

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Nutrition is likely to be one of the last priorities of women during the first weeks after motherhood, with all the changes that have occurred and are still being assimilated. Certain foods can help maintain proper energy levels to carry out the tasks of the new breast, and also control the mood swings that the hormonal torrent can cause.

On the other hand, an appropriate supply of fluids is essential to reduce fluid retention that can creep in from the end of pregnancy, and help the mother to get rid of small edemas that may have appeared. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks do not help in this work, so it is advisable to reduce their intake or eliminate them from the diet.

- Foods rich in Omega3: Some recent studies relate the intake of foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids with a lower incidence of postpartum depression. Although the mechanism is not entirely clear, it is proven that omega 3 fatty acids promote the proper functioning of the brain, and this could, in some way, prevent depression. Fish and nuts they will be the main allies to guarantee the contribution of these acids. If, in addition, the mother is breastfeeding her baby, fish and shellfish provide an extra iodine, the only micronutrient that may be necessary to supplement in lactating mothers. A handful of nuts and a bottle of water are outlined as a very healthy snack to recharge your batteries during meals.

- The milk products: Serotonin is a neurotransmitter directly involved in mood swings and other emotional processes that take place in the brain. Maintaining sufficiently high serotonin levels in the new breast can decrease the possibility of postpartum depression. This contribution is achieved with foods such as milk and dairy products, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, and some foods of animal origin, generally meat, fish, and chicken. In addition, the latter also favor a good supply of proteins, which is very important for the nursing mother, since the nutritional needs of the woman, in terms of proteins, are increased during the lactation period.

- Foods rich in iron: On the other hand, and given the loss of blood during childbirth, and even more so if a cesarean section has occurred, it is advisable to consume foods rich in iron during the first weeks. Red meat provides better quality iron for the body, while in the vegetarian option, legumes and green leafy vegetables will be the best option. It should not be forgotten that accompanying these plant-based foods some food rich in vitamin C, such as orange, facilitates the absorption of iron.

Maintaining the blood sugar level should be done by slowly absorbing carbohydrates, like rice or cereals, preferably whole grains, since they provide a higher dose of vitamins, thus increasing their nutritional value compared to the refined product. Slowly absorbed carbohydrates help control caloric intake by providing energy that is released slowly.

However, the need or desire to consume sweets, unhealthy and generally more caloric, is frequent. In this situations, an ounce of chocolate, preferably dark, can be even beneficial, since in addition to appeasing that need for sweets, it reduces the anxiety that denial could produce, thus increasing serotonin levels.

Among the fast-absorbing carbohydrates, fruits are the best option, although occasionally it can be exchanged for a fruit juice.

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