What does it mean for a child to dream of clowns

What does it mean for a child to dream of clowns

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That children have a great capacity for To imagine it's no secret. Our children have a special sensitivity to create worlds of unique sensations, and that also translates into their dreams.

For children, the world of dreams escapes their understanding as much as for adults, so it is always interesting to be attentive to what those images that appear in their minds once they close their eyes can mean or symbolize. For example it means let our son dream of a clown?

The clowns they are a classic in children's games. They appear on television, in movies, in jokes, in images or songs ... therefore, it is quite common for the little ones in the house to have a close relationship with them. But really, how can we interpret that they dream of a clown?

To begin with, we must be clear about the craving for freedom of children, beyond what they already have thanks to living without adult worries, always want more, something that can come to clash in a way with the authority imposed by parents. Therefore, if a child dream about clowns -there may be one or more at any given time-, it means that the child is looking for a Escape route to the rules and the things to do.

That is to say, that a child dreams that he plays with a clown, is that in addition to transferring the usual games to his dreams, he wants even more games and fun, he wants not to have to do those kinds of things that normally make children uncomfortable and they even make them disobedient.

In addition to that little rebellion against authority and immense desire to have fun at all hours, what a child who dreams of clowns really wants is to express that disagreement with the rules in general.

Therefore, in this specific dream, the child has the purest fun jester style to be able to lose composure sometimes imposed unfairly or too harshly by parents.

However, there is a further reading, which has to do with that moment in which the clown may be sad or fail in activities, which would symbolize the fear of a fight for not doing the right thing in the dream in question.

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