My son is autistic and communicates

My son is autistic and communicates

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For 66 years, when Léo KannerAn Austrian doctor and psychiatrist, he first described autism, much has been done to discover the causes of this disorder, although until today they have not found them. Some therapies are known, the value of early diagnosis, and parents of autistic children already talk about the subject naturally and know how important their care is. support your children's lives.

I was visiting the Raimunda Gonçalves Mélo's blog, Brazilian, and mother of Filipe, an autistic boy, and I was struck by some of his comments about the importance of accepting autistic children.

More than accepting her son, she learns with him. I reproduce some of his notes:

'I accept my son as he is. I do not expect him to be the same as other people, what he has to carry is enough for me to add more weight to his back. If I accept it, I am giving him the freedom to move forward. I'm not asking you to have nice handwriting. He writes only in capital letters and I believe that there is nothing predetermined that forces people to write only in italics. When I look at Filipe, I watch myself so as not to judge him. I leave him free to be as he is. I don't care about people's looks in shopping centers, restaurants, fairs, concerts, towards the strange movements that Filipe makes. I teach them with my behavior that my son's expressions must also be respected. Of course I give limits to my son. I teach him how to behave well and be educated, and I know how hard he tries. So I accept its limits. '

'I feel calmer accepting my son for what he is. In this way, I get a bit inside their world, I understand their behavior and the logic of their actions. I feel him closer and I can see the effort he makes to come to me. If we accept our autistic children, we will also be better people because we will understand others more. '

Raimunda believes that an autistic person can become productive. Filipe chooses the colors, determines the spaces, speaks and expresses his feelings through his paintings. His house became a studio, and Raimunda's blog an exhibition of Filipe's paintings. She does it to show how much she loves her art. I agree with her when she affirms that the human being is someone when she performs. Filipe's art has become a means for the family to know and find him. His painting reassures him and helps him in the elaboration and understanding of feelings. 'Filipe is not concerned whether or not people like his work, if they are going to criticize or reward him, or if his paintings will be exhibited in museums or galleries. In autism there is no such social commitment. Painting is the way he chose to speak to the world. '

Some pictures of Filipe, an autistic boy:

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