When the child dreams that he is being chased. Dictionary of children's dreams

When the child dreams that he is being chased. Dictionary of children's dreams

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Be dreaming that suddenly chasing us a pack of dogs, people we consider enemies or even a stranger is something of the most common. After all, who has not felt that adrenaline that the inexplicable chase dream?

Children, as well as adults, also experience these kinds of things when they dream. They can usually turn into nightmares - or even night terrors- as it is usually not too pleasant wake up agitated when you flee in true Hollywood-style chase. So what is the significance of chasing a child in your dreams?

As it happens in the adult mind, children dream from time to time that they are hunted. This dream meaning contains nothing more than the vital need for a change.

Many times we believe that only older people need from time to time a change process comes into our lives, but this also happens in the little ones in the house. Therefore, when establishing this meaning in the fact that a child has a dream in which the chasing it is the main action that occurs in your sleeping imagination.

Therefore, in the first instance, we would be facing the need for a change that the child is experiencing. It is likely that he wants you, or that he does not know how to react to something that certainly makes him feel insecure.

Therefore, we would be talking about a mind notice of the child regarding the change that is happening in his life, or something that is about to happen. Therefore, we are talking about the development of the little one, which is something in which they are constantly from the moment they are born.

The persecution It normally occurs when the child experiences this conflict in his own process of change, development and learning, or that at that moment he is not prepared to live it. The reading we must do to this child dream is that sometimes children need more space and time to prepare for changes.

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