Stories for children. Santilin

Stories for children. Santilin

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This story from our site: Santilín, especially, awakens the love and respect of children for nature. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct.

Through fables, stories and poems, children also carry out great learning.

Santilin is a very smart, kind and respectful little bear. Everyone loves him very much, and his friends enjoy playing with him because he is so much fun.

He likes to take long walks with his companion, the little elephant. After the snack they get together and go on a long walk chatting and greeting the flirtatious butterflies, displaying their colorful wings.

He is always attentive to the games of the other animals. With great patience he tries to teach them that they can entertain themselves without damaging the plants, without trampling the grass, without destroying the beauty that nature gives us.

One Sunday new neighbors arrived. Santilin was quick to greet them and immediately invited the smallest porcupine to play.

They accepted it happily until the little squirrel, crying, warned:

- Oh, careful, stay away, those spikes hurt.

The porcupine apologized and sadly returned home. The others were afflicted, except Santilin, who was sure to find a solution.

He thought and thought, until, smiling, he said:

- Wait, I'll be back.

Santilin came back with his dad's cap and called the porcupine.

They placed the cap on his back and, in this simple way, covered the spikes so that it would not puncture them and thus they could share the games.

They were so happy that, holding hands, they formed a great round and sang happily.


Story of María Álvarez (Argentina)

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