Interesting books for 1 to 3 year olds

Interesting books for 1 to 3 year olds

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It seems that, at this very early age, it is especially difficult to choose the books that are going to be part of the child's life when they still cannot read. Choosing interesting books for children between 1 and 3 years old seems like a difficult path. However, the evolutionary moment of the child favors a mountain of possibilities. The child is a sponge that absorbs an immense amount of information: he is laying the foundations on which his personality is built on an emotional and intellectual level. And the child learns with the five senses.

The editorial offer is very rich: books with reliefs and textures to touch, books with sounds and music, books with smells, books with flaps to lift, with tabs to pull and discover another image. Stimuli for your senses and to work on the control of the hands, the movement of the fingers and the wrists.

The topics can be very varied, as long as they are not alien to them. There are real beauties that can be very abstract. Children love clear, recognizable, familiar figures, presented on wide, clean backgrounds. But they also look at small details: discovering them in a large image is an achievement for them. Illustration is very important because it is what they read. The adult will be in charge of reading the texts, those little black spots on the pages.

The child's attitude to the book or magazine in hand will reveal his interest: sometimes he remains absorbed, looking and listening; Sometimes, he will turn the page in one go and get into another image, another scene and want to name what catches his attention or explain in his own way what happens to the rat or monkey in the story. Your reactions will show us your preferences.

In any case, the chosen medium, book or magazine, has to meet the precise requirements for the child can handle it to his liking without danger, turn the pages with ease and get where you want to go without the help of the adult: that is why books and magazines with flaps are so useful, as phone books, to open the magazine or book where the child wants in every moment. That autonomy is very encouraging to him and is very helpful in his progress.

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