English for babies: songs, videos, stories and toys

English for babies: songs, videos, stories and toys

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Bilingual education is a complicated task that lasts for many years. To motivate babies and children we must rely on additional material that can help us in learning the English language for babies: songs, videos, stories and toys. However, we must take into account something very important: it is useless to put songs or videos in English to the baby all day, if we do not stimulate the baby while listening or watching the material.

A baby learns language through a relational method, associating the words he is hearing with what he is seeing at the time. This is precisely where the importance of gesticulation and interpretation lies when speaking or telling a story to a baby. The more movements and gestures we make, the easier it will be for the baby to relate the meanings of the sounds he is hearing. In addition, we will be motivating the baby's attention, thus facilitating his learning.

Another interesting fact when choosing baby material for bilingual education is that we should not saturate the baby with a large number of songs or videos, since not because he listens to many songs will he learn more. In fact, it is best to have a small selection, which will surely be made by the baby himself based on his tastes with his reactions to listening to one song or another.

Having a limited material has its reason. The baby's brain does not work in the same way as that of an adult, in particular the reward systems of the brain of a child up to 3 years old are activated when the child recognizes something that he has already seen or feels familiar. For this reason, repetition is so important for the baby, since giving him pleasure increases his attention in the exercise achieving better results.

Saturating the baby with too much material is counterproductive. It is best to select a series of songs and videos, and work with them for a long time, without forgetting that they are a mere complement to bilingual education.

Children's songs in English. They are indicated from the time the baby is born, although we should not think that just by listening to the songs 15 hours a day the baby will learn alone. The baby, unable to relate the sounds he hears with the image (a photo of a car when they say "car"), will never be able to decipher the meanings, so his brain will not pay the necessary attention that it displays when a person is speaking. person.

For this reason, it is very important to stage the songs and highlight the keywords for the stage you are in. The songs that are used to carry out activities are ideal for learning a second language since they relate the activities and all the words of this activity.

Videos in English. They are a very important part of learning a language, starting at one year of age. At this stage, the child's attention is very low and he has to draw a lot of attention to make him pay attention for more than 2 minutes at a time.

We must use very striking videos of short duration and always with songs. We ourselves can stage the song at the same time as the video, highlighting the keywords that we have to work on in this specific stage.

Stories in English. It can be a very motivating resource for the baby. At first, it will take more work for them to pay attention, but if we involve them in the story, you will get them to give their full attention. The stories should be very short, it is better to count 3 in a row than not one that lasts 30 minutes.

Toys.We can find a wide variety of toys differentiated by age that have the possibility of putting the voices in English. They are of great help, since they tend to attract a lot of the attention of the baby or child, and it is becoming easier to find them.

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