Cooked vegetables in a pressure cooker. Light recipe

Cooked vegetables in a pressure cooker. Light recipe

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Cocido is a delicious typical dish of the Spanish region of Castilla, but it has the disadvantage of being very heavy, a stew that incorporates many meats and sausages fatty like chorizo ​​or blood sausage.

If you like to enjoy this traditional stew but you want to make it healthier, try this light vegetable stew. What's more, offers us the recipe adapted to the pressure cooker, because he knows that nowadays there is usually not much time to cook.

  • 300 gr. chickpeas
  • 3 potatoes
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 leeks
  • A few green beans
  • 2 chicken or hen breasts
  • 1 tip of ham
  • Oil
  • Salt

1. The day before, soak the chickpeas in water with a little coarse salt, and leave it overnight. When the stew is ready, drain the chickpeas.

2. Fill the pressure cooker with plenty of water, add the chickpeas, carrots, green beans and potatoes (peeled and chopped), the white part of the leeks, the ham tip and the chicken or chicken breasts.

3. Put to heat over medium heat until it starts to boil, at that time cover the pot. When the steam starts to come out of the valve, let it cook for half an hour.

4. Open with care not to burn yourself with the steam and test that everything is tender. Salt and water with a little oil.

5. At the time of serving, put the broth first (it can be boiled with some noodles, although it will be less healthy), and then the chickpeas with the vegetables and breasts.

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