Recovery with reflexology after cesarean section

Recovery with reflexology after cesarean section

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Coming into the world is not an easy task, neither for the baby nor for his mommy. If all goes well, there will be a natural delivery, but sometimes, for different reasons, our baby will have to be delivered by cesarean section, sometimes it will be scheduled, others not, but in both cases, it will be good to know that Reflexology can make our recovery possible. faster emotionally and physically after this surgical intervention.

After a cesarean section it is common for negative feelings to appear, this is due to several reasons: the hormones that made you feel good during pregnancy and helped your body to have a wonderful baby, reach their highest levels at the time of giving birth. light, but it will not take long to descend very quickly generating, among others, important emotional consequences. In addition, it is frustrating to know at the last moment of pregnancy or at the very moment of delivery, after long hours of waiting, that it may not be the delivery as you had imagined. For this reason, impotence, fear, and frustration mixed with pain, fatigue, anguish and bad mood, will be the usual cocktail that we will surely find after a cesarean section.

The pain will accompany us for a long period of time, because the incisions that were made in the uterus as well as in the pelvic and abdominal muscles have to close, in addition to shrinking and contracting and returning to their normal shape and size. There will be pain around the wound and acute pain in the affected abdominal organs during surgery, producing limited mobility for a time.

But nature is what it is, and we are new mothers, with a very strong maternal feeling and we need to feed and take care of our baby. Our limited mobility will not allow us to do it as we would like, and not being able to care for our little one ourselves will generate a picture of stress that will inevitably make recovery more difficult.

Undoubtedly, a cesarean section is not the most pleasant thing to welcome our baby, but sometimes it is necessary for the well-being of both, therefore, after an inevitable cesarean section, I advise you to call a good expert in Reflexology to alleviate all the symptoms described previously.

1. It will help you balance the entire endocrine system

2. It will reduce pain around the wound and abdominal organs

3. Prevents blood clots

4. Improve body circulation promoting healing of incisions

5. It will reduce stress and anxiety

6. It will give you energy reducing fatigue

7. It will improve the immune system helping to prevent common diseases that can be secondary to a cesarean section

8. It will help you breastfeed

9. Will avoid constipation

10. Strengthen emotional ties

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