The rock of Sisyphus. Short stories from Greek mythology

The rock of Sisyphus. Short stories from Greek mythology

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Greek mythology contains the foundations of Western culture, that is why in Guiainfantil we are adapting it for children. In this series of short stories for children the little ones can enjoy the most fun and educational mythological legends.

This time we comply with Sisyphus the punishment that he imposed Zeus. Sisyphus, the most audacious, the most trickster and the most gossipy man, is punished by Zeus for leaking an important secret.

Sisyphus he was one of the sons of the lord of the winds Aeolus. He was the trickiest man in the world, but also the most cunning and both characteristics were inherited by his son Ulises. Sisyphus is known for his scams, for his deceptions and for his ability to get out of any difficult situation but, above all, he is known for the punishment imposed by the gods.

The truth is that the whole world was quite fed up with the tricks and deceptions of Sisyphus, both gods and mortals. Because Sisyphus was also a bit nosy and knew everything about everyone. Nobody better than him was aware that information is power and that is why he was always watching what the gods were doing and listening behind the doors of the neighbors. He knew everything.

One day an impressive mess was formed because the daughter of the Asopo river it had disappeared and no one could find it. Yes, at that time rivers also had children, just like people. No one found the daughter of the Asopo River and everyone was very worried. For a change, Sisyphus He knew what had happened to the girl, so he decided to take advantage of the situation.

Told Asopo that he knew who his daughter was with, but that if he wanted to know more he would have to compensate him by creating a fountain in his city. Asopo made a source of crystalline waters spring up in the middle of the city so that everyone had the water nearby and did not have to travel all over the mountain to get it. Everyone seemed satisfied with the agreement, but it was Sisyphus reveal the secret of the daughter of the river Asopo.

- Zeus He has taken your daughter, Asopo- said Sisyphus

The news fell like a bomb because few dared to face the god Zeus, the mightiest of all Olympus. But Asopo river he loved his daughter too much not to face the god.

- Zeus, if you do not give me my daughter back, I will dry up all the rivers that run through the Earth- threatened the Asopo river.

With this outlook Zeus He had no choice but to return home to the daughter of Asopo, but the matter was not going to stay like that The snitch Sisyphus he was going to get what he deserved. A punishment that nobody imagined and that would not allow Sisyphus time to gossip about other people's affairs.

Zeus punished Sisyphus to climb a huge rock to the top of a mountain. Sisyphus sweated and sweated because the rock was huge and the slope of the mountain too. And when he was about to reach the top, the rock fell rolling without Sisyphus being able to do anything to prevent it. And start over. Sisyphus pushed the rock almost almost to the top of the mountain and down again. And there is Sisyphus since then, up and down with the rock on his back.

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