Much magic for hospitalized children

Much magic for hospitalized children

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The TV show Learn magic is issued in all hospitals in Spain that have the Channel Fan3 (first television channel designed especially for hospitalized children). This channel teaches and brings magic to children.

Hospitalized children can also enjoy some truly magical moments. This is what the Abracadabra Foundation intends with this project: to bring magic to as many hospitals and health centers as possible, and take advantage of its positive effect to create illusions.

For games and magic presentations, they use objects and materials available in the hospitals themselves, such as cottons, bandages, plasters, thermometer, and others. They will turn a thermometer into a magic wand and make a cut bandage whole again, by magic!

Children can learn to do magic through simple, practical and very easy to learn games, and teach it to their roommates, doctors, nurses, and their families.

The magic numbers are a good alternative to enhance creativity, illusion, entertainment and communication of the hospitalized child with others. And a way, without a doubt, to entertain children who have to spend long days between white coats and tests of all kinds.

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