How and why to donate toys that children no longer play with

How and why to donate toys that children no longer play with

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We are always shouting from the rooftops that children have too many toys, that we no longer have space for anything else, that the closets are exploding, that children hardly play with them. But there are very few parents who, instead of complaining, look for a solution. Well, I think that the ideal measure is to donate toys that children no longer use and at the same time educate them in a value that is necessary every day: solidarity. Teach your children to donate toys that they no longer use, as well as clothes, books, school supplies, as well as various objects that they no longer use.

Toys are, par excellence, the most requested gift by children to Santa Claus and / or the Three Wise Men. But solidarity is an essential value that we can teach children from an early age. Therefore, let's donate the toys that children don't play with and serve as an example for them.

The more children at home, the more toys arrive for the holidays. The drawers, shelves or boxes will be full of toys "on top." That's why I consider that it is always important that we choose with children the toys with which they no longer play, and therefore only take up space, and we separate it in a box or bag, apart.

So we can donate them to other children, who want not only a costume, dolls, balls or strollers ..., but also a gesture of affection and attention towards others. With children, we can select the toys, then clean them, organize them to see if they are not missing any parts, then put them away.

Let's take advantage of the holidays like Christmas, Three Kings Day and even children's birthdays, to make them see that we can also share the illusion with other children, that we can all collaborate so that children who do not have financial conditions to have a toy, can also enjoy our donations and the toys that we give them.

Play is a universal right of children. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the fewer toys children have, the more interest they will have in playing. I say it for my daughter. When she opens her closet and sees so many toys, I see her somewhat confused and in the end she always ends up playing with the same thing.

If the places where there are toy collection campaigns, typical of Christmas, are closed, look for orphanages, shelters, reception centers, or another place where there are children who do not have as much possibility as yours to have a toy.

In general, there is always a Red Cross post, or an NGO in your area. If not, look for information in the churches or social services of your city council. Surely somewhere and on any occasion, there will be another child who also dreams of having a toy.

What you have left over may be missing for someone else. That is the message that you can pass on to children when they are encouraged to gather everything, toys, clothes, books, school supplies, dolls, various objects, that they are no longer using. What is left over for them may be lacking for other children.

What toys or clothes or books, etc., can you donate? for all those that can have life and be useful in the life of another child. To know if the toy or the clothes are ready to donate, here are some rules:

  • That it is in good condition. That the clothes are not ripped, and that the toys look good. And that the books are not broken.
  • That it does not lack parts or accessories. They are complete. That the clothes do not lack pockets, buttons or zippers, etc.
  • That the toys work properly.
  • That they are clean, almost like the new ones, both the toys and the clothes.

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