New mom, the experience of motherhood

New mom, the experience of motherhood

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In Mistakes and horrors of a new mom, Yolanda Sáenz de Tejada reveals some solutions to the most common doubts mothers (and fathers) have from pregnancy until their children are teenagers. This book reveals fun stories and experiences of motherhood, while helping moms educate their children in values, discipline and love, and with a lot of humor.

How does the life of a couple change when the children arrive?
The life of a couple changes a lot when they have children but, like any fundamental change in your life, why don't tell me that when you start working your life doesn't change ... At the beginning of the arrival of our baby it's all chaos because we have to learn to manage our time and our hearts in record time, but then, once adapted, it should be wonderful. This is the goal of this book, of course. Help achieve it.

Do you think mothers are aware of what awaits them?
Mothers are never aware of what awaits us, first, because we do not have our hormonal change, which affects us so much and second, because we think that we are capable of doing and carrying everything. That is why we need time to adapt and know that our time, for a few months, will not be ours. But then we have to learn to love each other a lot again.

Is being a mother the same in theory as in practice?
Of course, being a mother is not the same in theory as in practice; Although, if we normalize the situations, I assure you that it can be easier and then we will laugh remembering all those mistakes and horrors of a new mother that we have made.

What are the mistakes and horrors of a new mother during pregnancy?
One of them is your physical change, to see how you change in such an exaggerated way and how you have to learn to live with a body that is not yours. Not being able to put on your clothes, not being able to bend over like before, not being able to sleep well, not being able to eat everything due to digestion and this feels terrible ...

Why do we doubt our ability as mothers when our baby arrives?
Yes, it is true, a terrible fear sharpens as the moment arrives or, at least, it happens to most of us. I think it is the excess of responsibility that women have. We want to raise perfect children and we doubt that we are the best mother. All this together with the anguish of not knowing if we are going to be able to solve problems such as food or sleep, sharpen our doubts.

Can postpartum depression be prevented? What should mothers know about postpartum depression?
This is very interesting, I would say that one of the most interesting parts because I always say that a happy mother, a happy child ... Postpartum depression, to a large extent, is caused by lack of sleep and rest and of course, with a baby, it is difficult to solve it . But we have to try. To do this, the main thing is to sleep in pieces. That is, try to sleep when the baby does or every other time. It's fundamental. And something also necessary is to ask for help from others, your partner, your friends ... for the purchase, to stay a little with the baby ...

Who should new mothers seek advice from?
Of course from your pediatricians, no doubt. Then, from a friend or her mother, but always for what has gone well, for the inconveniences, the pediatrician is the one who will advise her best.

What do new mothers today lack to care for and educate their baby?
Phew, especially time. So it is my commitment to make these books, to help you achieve quality time. In this book I propose formulas so that the time we spend with our children is the most emotionally fruitful for both of us.

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