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A tambourine sounds. Christmas carols for children

A tambourine sounds. Christmas carols for children

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A tambourine sounds, a tambourine sounds, I don't know where it will go ... that's how the video of this beautiful Christmas song begins, sung in a children's choir.

In our site we can find Christmas songs, popular and traditional Christmas carols to sing with the children. 'A tambourine sounds' is one of the best known Christmas carols. If you don't know it, here is theChristmas carol lyrics A tambourine sounds.

The children's choir that sings'A tambourine sounds', a famous Christmas song, is made up of fourth grade students from Colegio Ciudad de Columbia de Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain.

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Video: Instruments For Kids. Musically Played Tambourine for Preschoolers (July 2022).


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