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Legends of fantastic characters for kids

Legends of fantastic characters for kids

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Greek mythology takes us to fantastic worlds where the imagination takes shape through strange characters: the cyclops, the faun, the minotaur ...

Short stories or legends are a great opportunity to bring children closer to reading. In addition, they are stories that convey messages, values ​​and morals to children.

The story of the minotaur and the audacity and intelligence of Theseus, the persuasion of the sirens and the perseverance of Ulysses ... Each of these short stories from Greek mythology, speaks to us of values, very important in the education and training of children .

These stories also encourage your imagination. They are starring fantastic characters, with which to dream and imagine hundreds of stories.

Perseus and Medusa. Short legends of Greek mythology for children. In this story, the Greek hero Perseus ends the terror imposed by the Gorgon Medusa, who turns the whole world to stone.

Theseus and the Minotaur. Greek mythology told to children. The Greek hero Theseus manages to destroy the dreaded Minotaur monster and Ariadne's thread has a lot to do with it. Greek stories for children.

Ulysses and the Cyclops. Mythology for children. Ulysses is victorious from his encounter with the Cyclops Polyphemus thanks to his ingenuity and cunning. Short legends of Greek mythology for children.

The songs of the sirens. The songs of the sirens and Ulysses in this short legend for children. Greece mythology for children. In this story, the adventures of Uolis on his long journey back to Ithaca are told.

The riddle of the sphinx. Greek mythology for children. A terrible Sphinx has the city of Thebes in fear. Anyone who wants to enter must solve a riddle, but no one succeeds until Oedipus arrives.

Talos, the bronze giant. Talos is a bronze giant who strides along the shores of the island of Crete. Legends of Greek mythology for children.

The minotaur's labyrinth. Greek mythology short legend for kids. Daedalus builds a labyrinth for the Minotaur that is almost impossible to get out of. How Daedalus and Icarus came out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.

The legend of pegasus. Pegasus is in the autumn sky. On our site we tell you his legend, a beautiful Greek tale. Pegasus was the only winged horse in the world, and was destined to carry the rays of the king of the Greek gods Zeus. Greek mythology for children.

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