Cheerful and outgoing are the yellow energy children

Cheerful and outgoing are the yellow energy children

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And you, what color do you see the world? We all have black days, we turn green with envy or blush with shame. And it is that, people are in themselves an authentic palette of colors. And although we mix all the tones there is always one that defines us. Do you want to know what that color will be that will mark your little one? If you son is cheerful and outgoing, his color and energy is yellow!

According to the theory of Carl Jung, an important psychologist with many followers and father of the Insights method, four are the colors (red, green, yellow and blue) that mark our character.

Depending on which of them predominates in us, this will determine the energy that will guide us on the path of life. Do you want to know what color commands your child and how it builds its personality? Look at the cheese above, read each of the adjectives. In which one have you found more similarities with your little one? That will then be the one that he will accompany in his life!

In today we approach the yellow energy. If blue speaks of the sea, green of nature and red of fire; We associate yellow with the Sun. Its light, its brightness, its heat and its vital energy is what we discover in the little ones with yellow energy.

Then we discover you six traits of 'yellow' children, but we already anticipate that joy is one of its qualities par excellence:

- They are social and communicative children
These little ones with yellow energy They have the gift of expressiveness. Everything that goes through their heads will end up telling it. And they are very outgoing and cheerful, which often makes them the center of attention, which they love. They are friendly by nature and are always charged with positive energy. Good humor is a constant in his mood.

- They are participatory children
They always take action. They like to get involved in what they do, as well as to commit to the people around them. They are faithful to their ideas but, above all, to the people they love. Passionate about adventure, these kids can't say no and are always the first to sign up for whatever plan. They do not like loneliness and they always look for large groups to surround themselves with where, although they do not end up becoming leaders, they do assume an important role as mediators in conflicts, also generating enthusiasm.

- They are unpredictable children
The routine bores them and they are not very constant. If yellow energy predominates in your child, you will end up learning to live without schedules. They don't like one day to look like another. Live anarchy! If when a little one comes home our whole world changes, with these little "yellows" you will not recognize your new life. It guarantees that each day will be different and surprising. And is that these little ones are unpredictable, informal and unpunctual.

- They are intellectual children
Thinking is his thing. There will always be a new idea hanging around your head. They live constantly creating, starting any adventure from scratch and letting themselves be carried away to find out where they end up. Of course, so having to wait is not that they take it badly, it is that it makes them desperate. So much thinking makes the 'yellow' children reject manual and mechanical work. And it is that they prefer planning to execution. But beware, despite their creativity they maintain a sense of logic.

- They are children who control their emotions
Despite being outgoing, their feelings and emotions are private property. They are not afraid of a stage or a microphone, as long as it is not to talk about themselves. And it is that, the children of yellow energy take care of their privacy with zeal.

- They are critical and demanding children
'Here and now' is their motto. They want everything for now and do not mince words to say and demand what they believe is theirs. They don't like being controlled or ordered around. They are nonconformists and always raise their voices to let you know. These little ones must be taught not to look so much at the straw in another's eye and to see their own mistakes more.

He theme of colors and emotional states thatWhat they transmit to us has a large literature behind it and studies that support these data. In fact, we teach our children to show their feelings through the popular story The Color Monster, by Anna Llenas, so that they learn to identify anger, sadness, calm, joy ... Have you discovered that your little one has yellow energy and how many good things he has?

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