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Slow moms, new mothers who get pregnant after 40 years

Slow moms, new mothers who get pregnant after 40 years

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A few friends are coming to motherhood for the first time in their forties. They are what I call Slow moms, that is to say, new mothers who have decided to become pregnant after age 40. I, at some point I proposed it, however, there are ages that make you reflect more than you should, for one sense and for the other, and I ended up banishing the idea because I thought he wanted to dedicate myself to me.

This may seem selfish, it is not at all. When you reach a certain age, a great couple and the true sense of love, you consider that having a child is the icing on the cake. However, it seems to me such an act of love, one for the other, that it well deserves more than one reflection (and two ...). In my case, we decided no, but I have friends who decided yes ... and now I'm happy to live this moment with them.

Being a mother after 40 means be a mom with more fear than a young motherWell, "I can do everything" at certain ages, it remains "I can do everything, but I need help." And it is that, the body and the energy will not always accompany you but, on the contrary, you will have friends and family, who like you feel the stability and maturity of the present moment, who will be delighted to exercise the role that is assigned to us.

The protocols during this pregnancy are a requirement that somehow force you to be in a continuous state of alert. You go to the gynecologist hoping that something is not going well, or hoping that everything will go great, the point is that until you are there you do not come out of that little insecurity ...Trust life, and if you have come this far it is because life has set the right path for you to walk and enjoy.

On the other hand, I know that living in this moment makes you think that age does not exist and that any future time is better ... so, be happy with your tummy and say a resounding YES to the quality time that you will dedicate.

And what about the care taken at this age ... A pregnancy in which the baby will have good emotional and physical health, due to to the love and care that the mature mother will provide from the first moment. I know you are more aware of the risks and therefore more attention is paid to the care.

I know that moms at this age already have what they wanted from life: a suitable professional level, a perfect partner and a lot of love to give, with which, this stability will also be a good point for their children to grow up emotionally balanced. Responsibility appears as one of the pillars of Slow moms.

Friend, do not calculate dates to get pregnant... "at 50-55 I will have a teenage son" ... Do not calculate ... Live the moment that life has brought you and the gift you have decided to give yourself. Do not count the time, count the life that you will put in every moment when your eyes make you feel that you are alive living a chosen motherhood, with meaning and that makes you happy.

Mom Slow is that mom who enjoys the moment, who trusts in life, who knows that she is doing everything in her power to live the moment in a positive way, and that despite her fears, she knows that she is surrounded by a lot of love and care, so that her dream comes true.

Mama Slow is the calm mother who knows how to adapt to changes and who brings good sense and peace to pregnancy. She is the mother who has already lived what she wanted and now wants to take another step in life. Ahead!

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