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Thank you, great-grandmother. Short story for children dedicated to great-grandparents

Thank you, great-grandmother. Short story for children dedicated to great-grandparents

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Those children who have the opportunity to meet their great grandparents are very lucky. They have the possibility to learn from their experience, listen to their wisdom, receive their hugs ... Therefore, here we leave you a nice short story that children can dedicate to their great-grandparents to pay them the tribute they deserve. It's titled "Thank you, great-grandmother."

There were only a few kilometers to reach the town. Guadalupe was going to meet her great-grandmother. Was nervous. He had heard about her at home and could not believe everything that was said about her: that if she had had to emigrate, that if she had lived through the war, that if she had fallen in love with a magician ... At last the great moment.

When she got out of the car, Guadalupe saw a very wrinkled and tiny woman. It seemed very fragile and about to decompose. However, her large blue eyes showed that there was still a lot of life left in it. The embrace between them was long and welcoming. Her great-grandmother's arms reminded her of her mother's. They were warm.

Her great-grandmother took Guadalupe by the hand and led her into the garden. There he gave him what would be the best of gifts: a patchwork quilt of the clothes of her great-grandmother, her grandmother, her mother and her when she was a baby. Each piece told a story and by touching it, he could discover the adventures that the women in his family had experienced and how they had coped with the problems that presented themselves.

When night came, Guadalupe slept in a small bed covered by that magical quilt. From that day on, he never had nightmares again and every morning he woke up knowing that he could do as much as he wanted in life, because he had the support and strength of the women in his family. If they had been able to fulfill her dreams, she would also achieve it: she wanted to be a writer.

And it is that Guadalupe not only received a quilt that day, but he acquired a past, his family's past. This is how his first book narrated the lives of four women named Guadalupe. Each one had experienced a historical moment, a different economic situation, different problems; But all of them had had the same joy: having a daughter whom they called Guadalupe. The book was a great success and Guadalupe did not forget to thank her great-grandmother every day for having always been the memory of her family.

We propose some simple questions to help you check if your children have understood the story they have just read. Think of them as a game, never as an interrogation or a school exam. You know that when children are having fun, they learn much better.

1. What is the name of the protagonist of the story? And your great-grandmother? And his mother?

2. Seeing her great-grandmother, the girl was very afraid. True or false?

3. What did the great-grandmother give Guadalupe?

4. Guadalupe did not like the gift very much and therefore never used it. True or false?

5. How did Guadalupe feel thanks to the patchwork quilt?

6. What did the girl want to be when she grew up?

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