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Snack recipe with powers for children's superhero parties

Snack recipe with powers for children's superhero parties

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Super snack to the rescue of your snack! If you are planning a superhero themed birthday partyYou can't miss this huge turkey and cheese sandwich. This delicious and, in addition, it will provide a lot of energy to all the little assistants. We love children's superhero parties!

The first thing to keep in mind to prepare this recipe for a sandwich with powers is that you will need a very long loaf of bread. We recommend a bread whose texture is soft; we have used a loaf of snow bread.


  • a loaf of snow bread
  • Mayonnaise
  • lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • oregano
  • 250 g of sliced ​​braised turkey
  • honey mustard sauce
  • Gouda cheese
  • sliced ​​salami

1. Start by preparing the tray on which you are going to place the sandwich. To do this, the first thing you have to think about is which superhero or superheroes you want to base your birthday party on. There are many to choose from! Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Thor ... What if you make up your own superhero?

Once you have made the decision, you have to look at the colors that represent them to decorate your entire party. We are going to create a superhero: The superhero of the night !! And its representative colors are ... yellow and black!

Let your imagination fly and choose the type of decoration for the plate and the entire surface around the sandwich that you like the most. We, for example, have placed a yellow tablecloth background and the plate that we have used is black. With some yellow napkins we have continued to decorate our super snack.

In addition, you can draw or cut out the logo of your superhero or a typical onomatopoeia from superhero comics on colored cards. Place all these drawings around your sandwich to give it super powers.

2. Time to get down to business. Mmm ...! With the help of a knife, open the loaf of bread in half and spread a light layer of mayonnaise in the part that you will use as a base, that is, at the bottom. Place the bread base on the tray or plates that you are going to use very carefully so that it does not break.

If you have not been able to get a bar as super long as ours, we suggest that you take smaller bars and put them all together. Find bread of the same type, to be equal in width and height. Cut off the round sides (also known as the curries or bar butts) so the loaves can be pulled together. The result may not be as spectacular, but it will be just as good!

3. To continue with this super recipe, cut the lettuce into julienne strips and spread it over the bread base. It does not matter that the lettuce sticks out of the bread, in fact, the more exaggerated the presentation, the more it will attract the attention of the children! Try that the lettuce is very dry before placing it on the bread so that it does not get it wet and, therefore, it becomes soft.

Then, cut the cherry tomatoes. Depending on its size, it will allow you to cut into small slices, or simply cut them in half. If you have not gotten these tomatillos, you can use regular tomato by cutting it into thin slices so that it does not stick out too much or drip juice from the sides.

Place the tomatoes on the lettuce and sprinkle oregano to taste. Make it tasty!

4. It's the turn of the next layer of your super snack! You only have to spread the turkey slices throughout the entire loaf of bread until used up. Instead of turkey, you can use any other product that you like: sweet ham, braised chicken ... Look for flavors that children like and that are not complicated to eat (such as serrano ham, chorizo, etc.) to avoid scares.

5. Add a touch of honey mustard sauce on top of the turkey. You can buy this sauce already made if you are in a hurry, but we recommend that you prepare it yourself to make it tastier and healthier. For this, you only need to mix a little lemon juice, white vinegar, honey, mustard and a little olive oil well.

In any case, this honey mustard sauce can be substituted for another type of sauce, such as mustard, curry sauce, barbecue sauce ...

6. It's time to close the sandwich! Before place the lid, spread a light layer of mayonnaise. Place it carefully so that none of the ingredients that you have been putting so far fall out. Our mouths are already watering ...! To you?

7. The next step is to cut the Gouda cheese slices into 4 small squares to place on top of the sandwich. Put them at a certain distance, so that some pieces do not overlap with others.

Next, use a metallic bat-shaped cookie cutter to cut the salami slices with this shape. We recommend that the cookie cutter be metallic because it will make this step much easier. If you don't have a cutter at home, try cutting it with a funny shaped knife. Place the salami on the cheese. Your superhero super snack is already taking shape!

8. To add an even more super cute touch to your super snack, prepare some super skewers They will hold the sandwich while marking the individual servings.

To decorate the toothpicks, you just have to draw labels with a starry and irregular shape on colored cardboard and write with black marker the onomatopoeias that superheroes emit when they fight against the forces of evil. Boom! Plop! Pow! Bang!

Cut out the labels and stick them on the toothpicks with tape or glue.

And you are ready a super snack that will fill the little superheroes who come to the children's party you are organizing with energy!

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