Reggaeton is detrimental to children's cognitive development

Reggaeton is detrimental to children's cognitive development

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'Baby, you are not the first but you are the real one' ... Leaving behind the macho context of reggaeton songs, Do you think that a 5-year-old child is prepared to receive these types of messages? What can understand them? Of course not. Many children sing without knowing what these types of songs are saying. But believe it or not, of course they leave their mark on them. More than you imagine.

The Mexican psychologist Daniela muñoz He has not hesitated to finally make it clear how this type of song affects the little ones. She is very clear about it: reggaeton is detrimental to the cognitive development of children. We explain why.

The statements of the psychologist Daniela Muñoz are clear and forceful: a 5-year-old child is not prepared to understand certain types of phrases or contexts that also negatively affect his cognitive development. And is that hypersexualized songs are obviously not written for children. However, they listen to them daily, and yes, since they have a rhythm and are easy to remember, they end up singing them.

But ... why are these songs so harmful to them? (Not all, obviously, it is not about generalizing). Because these songs need adult cognitive development to be able to understand them, development that children have not yet reached. In fact, trying to make a child understand these types of songs, all it does is destroy their natural rhythm of cognitive development.

The stage that goes from 6 to 12 years is very important in terms of the assimilation of values ​​and social patterns. Children begin to understand the meaning of certain values: solidarity, empathy, friendship. To assimilate them, they look for a reference standard. Parents are often the first to see children.

But ... what happens when they suddenly feel 'absorbed by very different messages that come to them through songs like reggaeton or trap? That they absorb them equally. The damage it can cause them is greater than we imagine.

What kinds of values ​​do children assimilate through these songs?:

a) Is success based on your physical appearance?

b) Are women toys for men?

c) More money and material goods more happiness?

d) Does dominating other people make you more powerful and important?

To try to avoid this, communication in the family is essential. Parents should be the benchmark for their children and instill strong and positive values ​​from a young age.

The Mexican psychologist insists that everything has an age. Also the music and the messages we receive through them. And she has set the limit: 12 years. According to Daniela Muñoz, children are not prepared to assimilate the messages that come to them through reggaeton until they reach that age. Hearing them often beforehand can have these consequences:

1. Anguish. Most reggaeton songs present unattainable models of society. This, in the long run, causes anxiety and frustration.

2. Confusion in your scale of values. Many of the reggaeton songs are violent and sexist. The values ​​they transmit are totally opposite to those of a tolerant, egalitarian and respectful society.

3. Hypersexualization. Not all, obviously, but it must be recognized that in most reggaeton lyrics, the woman is not in the best place. In many of these songs, women are encouraged to become hypersexual, as they defend it as their strongest value.

4. Self-esteem problems. Confusion of values ​​creates self-esteem problems in children. Not knowing which is the right path only causes confusion and anxiety.

5. Early development. To the extent that children are not prepared to assimilate these types of messages, they are incited in a certain way to 'run', to try to accelerate their development in order to understand these songs. In this way, the natural rhythm in their cognitive development is broken.

It is true that between 7 and 12 years is when children begin to understand their environment and use logic to do so. But until the age of 12 they don't understand that reggaeton is nothing more than an artistic expression directed at a specific audience.

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