Tips for using baby carriers

Tips for using baby carriers

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Today there is a large number and variety of accessories that can help parents in the care of babies. Baby carrying systems, better known as baby carriersThey are one of them because they allow parents to carry their baby safe, protected and close to their body on their journeys, precisely at the stage that the little one needs it the most. The use of baby carriers or scarves to carry the baby favors the affective bond between parents and children.

The close contact of the baby with the body of its parents is very important, mainly in its first months of life. Backpacks are a very comfortable and safe device so that parents can do all kinds of outings and walks with their baby in their arms, without having to give up direct and full contact with the little one.

Backpacks or baby slings offer freedom of movement and are practical for carrying out your many tasks. These are the tips of theDr. Cesar García Fontecha, pediatric orthopedist, for the use and choice of baby carriers, the best position and everything that must be taken into account when using the backpacks for newborns and babies.

1. The weight of babies. The backpacks are designed to carry the baby from birth. It is not advisable to carry babies with less than 3.5 kilos or with more than two kilos (from when the parents do not present muscle fatigue).

2. Affective exchange between parents and baby. Both the baby and his mother or father can benefit from the affective and sensory exchange.

3. Position of the baby in the backpack. The best position to carry the baby is facing its parents, at least in the first 6 months. Babies can be placed facing forward when the backpack is correctly designed for it and when the baby is over 6 months of age or when he gains muscle strength to support the head and maintain the trunk firmly.

4. The backpack and hip dysplasia in babies. Baby carriers do not favor the appearance of hip dysplasia in babies. On the contrary, a backpack can have a protective effect against hip dysplasia. Its design allows free movement of the joints of the legs and hips, which favors the correct nutrition of the articular cartilage.

5. Choice of a baby carrier. When buying a baby carrier, parents should choose one safe, comfortable backpack, easy to put on and take off, with adequate support and position, avoiding compression areas or straps that can cause injury to the baby. The shoulder straps must be wide and padded, adjustable in size and of an appropriate fabric for each temperature.

The backpack must have a correct support for the carrier, which allows him to properly distribute the weight and avoid the appearance of muscle fatigue. It must be made of a breathable and washable material.

6. Baby carrier for twins or twins. The use of a double carrier is not advisable as it considerably limits the contact between the carrier and the baby. A good backpack should distribute the load on both shoulders, back and hips of the carrier, and this is achieved in an adequate way to carry a single baby. The overweight of the double carriage can cause osteo-muscular injuries in the father or in the mother.

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