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Short stories in English for children

Short stories in English for children

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Learning English from childhood is very beneficial as it is proven that children learn languages ​​faster and easier. As the years go by, it becomes more difficult to acquire a second language.

If your children are learning English, we offer you these fun and entertaining short stories. If children already know how to read, they can do it out loud, otherwise you can help them. Don't worry if your level of English is not very good, the language is very simple, you are sure to do great.

Stories, fables and legends in English for children to learn the language. We present a short version to make reading in another language more enjoyable for children.

Pinocchio. Stories in English for children to learn languages. Pinocchio story for children. Teach children English with children's stories. Pinocchio story in English. A story for children to have fun and learn the English language in an easy and entertaining way.

The princess and the pea. The Princess and the Pea, traditional stories for children in English to help them learn a second language. It is the story of the Princess and the Pea in English for children.

The hare and the turtle. The hare and the turtle is a children's story in English. Its version in Spanish is La Liebre y la Tortuga, a short story for children to educate children in values.

Merlin the Wizard. Merlin the Wizard. Children's stories in English to read to children. A beautiful narrated version in English of the classic tale of Merlin in Enchanting for you to teach this language to your children.

The snowman. I tell The Snowman, a short story in English to read to children. Short stories to learn English. Learn English with children's stories. Literature in English for children. Teach English to children.

Greedy boy. Greedy boy, whose Spanish translation is Chico greedy is a story that tells of two twin brothers, very alike in appearance but very different in character. The story teaches children that it is better to be generous than not greedy.

The milkmaid. The milkmaid and her pail is a short story in English that tells children about greed. It is the fable of the milkmaid in English language for children to practice the language.

The wolf in sheep's clothing. On our site we present the story in English of Wolf in sheep's clothing, a story in English with a moral that in addition to English teaches children that appearances can be deceiving.

More traditional tales in English. Selection of traditional stories in English, so that children learn that language. How to teach English to children in a fun and entertaining way. Popular children's stories in English. Teach English with stories to your children. All children's favorite stories, in the English language.

Other stories in English for children. Selection of stories in English for children. We publish children's stories in English to help your children learn the English language. Publish your story in English for free. Traditional children's stories in English. Stories to learn English with children. Stories for children in English to learn languages. Stories for children to learn English in a fun and motivating way. Learn another language with stories.

There are many resources with which we can introduce the teaching of English to children. Songs, puppets, games, ... but stories are, more than rhythms and fun, stories that will remain forever in the memory of the little ones. The benefits of counting stories in English They are:

- Teach and increase children's English vocabulary

- Help in reading comprehension

- Teach new expressions of the English language to children

- Match what the child hears or reads with the illustrations

- Stimulates children's bilingualism

- Increase information about other cultures

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